Shake and Bake

This is probably the easiest recipe on this site...

1 lb chicken, pork or meat of choice, cut into strips or chunks

1 cup fine bread crumbs - or 1 cup Brass Ring Coating Mix

4 tbsp of your favourite Brass Ring Seasoning (if you use BR Coating Mix, you will not need the extra seasoning unless you desire.

Preheat oven to 350 F

Grease a pan or baking dish.

In a bowl or freezer bag, mix breadcrumbs and seasoning. Put meat in breadcrumb mixture and coat evenly. I like to remove the meat, set aside for 2 minutes and then recoat. This gives a much more even, tastier coating.

Place breaded meat in oven and cook until done. You could also fry it first in a hot pan with a little butter to get the edges crispy, then finish by baking - do not over-fry, just crisp it up.  

You can also coat with egg/milk mixture as well before coating with breadcrumbs. Either works well.


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