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Horseradish Beef Rub

Premium Rub

Made with real horseradish powder, this rub gives whatever cut of beef you choose a deep, rich flavour that makes your mouth water. It pairs well with whatever sides you make and maybe a nice glass of Merlot. 

With the steak pictured here, we chose a nice, thick cut beef tenderloin and rubbed somewhat generously (not too much) and let sit in fridge for 1 hour. We added another layer about the same amount and let sit in fridge 1 hour. If the cut of beef does not have a lot of fat or marbling on it, we quickly brush it with garlic butter (or you can use any light oil) before grilling to give it a little char. If you choose to brush with butter or oil, use quick, light strokes so you don't pull the rub off the meat. 

Sometimes horseradish can be overpowering. This rub, however, has nice subtle tones of horseradish - not too much, not too little. It's perfect! Enjoy!

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