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Brass Ring Seasonings...

BRS was not created by a corporation in a lab. It was not created for shareholders to receive dividends and profit. It was not even originally created to sell.

It was however created in our kitchen, to the highest of standards because it was created for ourselves and our children. We were searching for a low sodium product that was amazingly delicious on everything. We could not find that, so we created it ourselves in April 2017. Soon, coworkers began to notice that our lunches were filling the kitchen at work with a mouthwatering aroma. They wanted to purchase the seasoning based on the smell alone, without even tasting it.

Thank you to everyone who already reaches for the Brass Ring. The support has been overwhelming. If you have not tried it yet, satisfaction is 100% guaranteed and always will be.

Now let's go enjoy some great food!


We only use spices that you can buy in any store, not chemicals from a warehouse. That's how you make a seasoning for it's flavour, not for it's profitability.


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