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Mozza sticks or zucchini sticks, they are essentially made the same way...

20 mozza pieces, sliced no larger than 1/2" x  1/2" and approx. 4 - 5" long

Or 1 small zucchini, sliced into same dimensions as the mozza

1 cup flour, seasoned with a dash of your Brass Ring flavour of choice - we use Original

2 eggs, beaten (with a dash of your Brass Ring flavour of choice - we use Original)

1 1/2 cups Cranky Jimmy's Coating Mix

Heat deep fryer to 365 F 

If you prefer the oven, we suggest browning in a hot pan with butter first, then bake at 375 F until done.

coat in flour mixture, then in egg trying to coat all surfaces, but don't worry if it's not 100%. The longer you play with it, the more flour comes off. Place in Coating Mix and shake to coat. If there are spots that aren't covered, don't fiddle with them, they will get covered in the next step. Set aside for 10 minutes, you can put in fridge if desired. Then back into the egg (skip the flour this time), and back into the Coating Mix. 

Place in the deep fryer a few at a time - if you are doing mozza sticks, be ready to remove them after about 20 seconds. If you leave them too long the cheese will run out, you will have a large spitting, bubbling mess and a hollow breadcrumb tube... trust me.

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