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Jalapeno Maple Chicken Rub

Premium Rub

Made with real dehydrated jalapeno, this rub gives your chicken (or pork, salmon or whatever. It's your rub, you put it on whatever you want), a bold, mouthwatering flavour and will leave you wanting more. The artificial maple sugar is more of a balancing element rather than making this a sweet heat kind of rub. It's one of our personal favourites.

With the chicken pictured here, we gave it one generous coat (you won't need 2 coats!) and a good rubbing, then in the fridge for 2 hours. Before grilling, we brushed it with garlic butter for some nice, crispy charring. If you choose to brush it with butter or light oil, use light, quick strokes so you don't pull the rub off the meat. 

With over 42 grams of dehydrated jalapeno in every 300 g bottle, your guests will want seconds, and they will want to come over again, and again, and again. Maybe keep this one just to yourselves...

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