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Chicken Wings - Baked

4 - 6 tbsp of your favourite Brass Ring Seasoning (try Spicy or Cajun)
olive oil
soy sauce...
water, if needed

With Seasoning in bowl, mix in olive oil and soy sauce (add water if needed) until it makes a well blended, fairly runny paste - the spices will soak up most of the liquid. Coat chicken wings and marinate overnight, turning and making sure the paste covers the chicken and soaks up the liquid evenly, or it may be drier on some wings than others.

suggestion: we added an ounce or two of whiskey to give the paste an oaky flavour

Make a tin foil boat, place wings inside and cover with more tin foil. Place in oven at 350 F, or on top rack of BBQ. After 15 - 20 mins, remove top foil, turn wings and return to oven or BBQ and repeat turning until done to desired dryness. Place on platter and sprinkle more of your favourite Brass Ring Seasoning (spicy) on top. Serve with your favourite dipping sauce.

suggestion: we did ours in the oven and at the end broiled on low which carmalized the paste, turning and broiling until done.

suggested serving: potato wedges, baked in oven or BBQ, with olive oil and your favourite Brass Ring Seasoning.

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