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2 lbs chicken breast chunks (or beef/pork chunks)

2 red peppers cut into large chunks

1 medium onion cut into large chunks

8 medium mushrooms cut thick

Brass Ring Fajita Mix to your preference 

In a large hot pan, cook the chicken until just done - don't overcook and dry out - set aside

Without cleaning the pan add the peppers and sauté for 1 - 2 mins then add the onion and sauté for another 1 - 2 mins. Add the mushrooms and sauté all for 2 mins and then reintroduce the chicken.

There should be a small amount of water on the bottom of the pan. If there is more than half a cup, drain and retain a half cup. If there is less, then add just enough so it isn't dry (there will be more naturally as the veggies cook, so don't add too much). Cook until the water in the bottom of the pan simmers. Add Brass Ring Fajita Mix a little at a time and mix. The water will thicken and turn saucy. If it still too watery, add a little more BRFM and mix.

Caution: the more BRFM you add, the hotter it gets. If you find it is too hot, you can cut it with Brass Ring Taco Mix on your next meal - don't add BR Taco Mix to an already done fajita, wouldn't recommend as the cornstarch won't set properly. On the next meal, add 3/4 BRFM to 1/4 BRTM or as much as half and half. You probably won't notice a change in taste until you approach the half and half point.

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