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I've been mixing them and add the original with the mild or spicy depending on how much kick I want. I sprinkle on chicken, fish and beef as well as veggies and in my salads. I love that it's not salty and I literally douse my food as I like a lot of flavoring. Need more!

- Dawn   Calgary, Alberta

Brass Ring on everything!!!! Regular, mild, steak spice, fajita and spicy. Our family doesnt use anything else. Allows you to taste each flavor in the meal times 10. Try it you will not be sorry 😋

- Dana   Kamloops, British Columbia

We had a Brass Ring dinner last night. Roasted Cauliflower tossed in olive oil and sprinkled with original seasoning. We then baked chicken breast pieces in the oven tossed in olive oil with sliced peppers and onions then to top it off a generous sprinkling of fajita seasoning. Any veggie would be awesome roasted with the original seasoning and the fajita seasoning was Amazing on the chicken!

- Tammy   Kelowna, British Columbia

I put the original seasoning on, pretty much everything. Anything that goes on the BBQ; steak, pork chops, burgers. Roast beef, pork tenderloin. I even put it in when cooking rice. It makes an excellent French fry seasoning! I especially like that it's very low sodium. We get enough salt in things these days. Looking forward to trying the spicy blend and steak blend next! Maybe an 'old bay' for seafood in the future?

- Deanna   Edmonton, Alberta

Took the spicy seasoning with us fishing. Was awesome on fresh fried jack fish!

I made a salad 🥗 dressing with vegan mayonnaise, balsamic vinegar, and Brass Ring Original Seasoning. So good I'm making it again!

- Tracy   Edmonton, Alberta

Had the Peach and Sage Rub on pork chops tonight... De-f*cking-liscious!!

Krystal     Maple Ridge, British Columbia

(about the Blackberry Pork Rub on a pork shoulder in the smoker) Turned out really good, best pulled pork sandwich I ever had.

Andrew   Edmonton, Alberta

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