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Blackberry Pork Rub

Premium Rub

Made with real powdered blackberries, this rub gives whatever cut of pork (or chicken - we're not the spice police) you choose, a nice, light almost fruity flavour. It also has brown sugar in it that melts on the grill and gives you a taste that leaves you wanting more.

For the pork loin in this picture, we rubbed almost generously (not too much) and let sit in fridge for 1 hour. We added another layer and let sit for 1 hour. We like to brush our pork loin with a little garlic butter (or any light oil) to help give it that little bit of charring and it helps make it crispy on the outside, and oh so tender on the inside. If you choose to brush it with butter, use quick, light strokes so you don't pull the rub off the meat.

The blackberry powder is a deep, rich purple colour which helps give your cut of meat that delicious colour you are looking for in a perfectly grilled piece of meat. The blackberry flavour tends to cook out, but it does leave a nice, mild, almost fruity aftertaste. 

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