Our Jimmy Fuego Soups, like all of our products, are made in an industrial kitchen to the highest standards because we use them too. All soups are frozen - it is not possible, at least at this time, to keep a fresh inventory of soups, and they all thaw beautifully - they don't go all lumpy and gross. They are single serving, but many are rich and hearty and could be shared, or be made into 2 small servings. The only downside is that for this product you have to be local to Edmonton, Alberta or at least be able to pick it up in person as there is no way to ship frozen product very far.

To order all you have to do is email us at order@brassring.ca and tell us what you would like, and how many. All soups are 250 ml (8 oz.) and are $5.00 each. Pick up can be done at the Miller Crossing Farmer's Market, or other arrangements can be made.  

SQUASH SOUP - squash, cream cheese, bacon and spices (pictured). It's good and not too rich. Paired with a sandwich, it makes the perfect lunch.

CHICKEN NOODLE - chicken, broth, egg noodles and spices. It's a Jimmy Fuego take on an old classic.

HEARTY CHILI - lean ground beef and beef chunks, slow cooked with beans and fresh vegetables. Simple but oh so complicated in it's deliciousness...

LEEK AND POTATO SOUP - perfectly seasoned with a hint of leek. It delicious!


Tomato Soup

Dill Pickle Soup

Beef Barley Soup

Hearty Vegetable Soup

Chicken Corn Chowder

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