Jimmy Fuego Coating Mix

We take bread that is made with our Brass Ring Seasonings, dry it, make breadcrumbs and then add more BR Seasonings. It can be used as a shake and bake, for meatloaf or meatballs, schnitzels, jalapeno poppers (pictured), mozza sticks or even stuffing. Lots of uses, and not a lot of sodium and no preservatives. This is a mix and match product, with so many combinations. 

Let's talk about the bread... we use a wide variety of breads:

Jalapeno Cheddar - real chunks of jalapeno, real aged cheddar (not the cheap pre-shredded stuff - FYI pre-shredded cheese contains wood pulp so it keeps it shape), it is not a spicy bread, it just has the fresh flavour of jalapeno.


3 Cheese Italian - Asiago, Provolone and Fruilano cheeses along with oregano and basil make up this bread. 


Roasted Red Pepper - red bell pepper, roasted with olive oil and then cut into chunks and then right into the dough.


Garlic Parmesan - garlic and Parmesan. Doesn't get any simpler than that... 

Almond flour - for celiacs or Keto. 

Now, the spices we add to the breadcrumbs... all are Brass Ring products.

Original - delicious, with no heat

Medium - same as Original with a little heat

Spicy - same as Original with a lot of heat

Cajun - great Southwest flavour and packin' heat

Cajun Extra Spicy - same as Cajun with a lot more heat

Here's where the mix and match comes in... if you want a Coating Mix with no heat that will crisp up nice and golden brown in the oven, pick 3 Cheese Italian breadcrumbs and Original. If you want to blow your mouth out with some crazy hot jalapeno poppers, then maybe try Jalapeno Cheddar breadcrumbs and Spicy.

We do have some pre-made packages at the farmer's market, but you can order a specific Coating Mix if you like. Currently, this product can only be sold local to Edmonton, Alberta or if you are able to pick it up in person. We do not currently have packaging for this product that allows for shipping. 

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