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Brass Ring Seasonings

Premium quality seasonings
No Added Preservatives
A division of Cranky Jimmy's Spices Inc.
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Brass Ring Seasonings

This is my family. The flavours of Brass Ring Seasonings are made for them, I just make a little extra to sell to you. The seasonings in our cupboard come from the same batches as everyone else. These three people are the most important thing in my world and I make our seasonings to the highest of standards because I'm making it for them.

I sincerely hope you enjoy our products. Thank you.

Jim Akerman

did you know...

that if you have special dietary needs - such as sensitivity to certain spices, but you like the way our spices taste - we can custom make a special batch of any flavour for you, without the offending spice? The only stipulation is that you have to buy the entire batch which could be as little as 3 bottles, or as much as 9 depending on the product. And that goes for ANY of our products.

As an example, we work with the Popowich Meat Company in Edmonton and make a version of our Butter Chicken Mix without any salt. They make the most delicious sausages with it, and they want to control the amount of salt. Commercial blends often have too much salt, so we are happy to help them out! Check out Popowich Meat Company here -


If you would like a special batch made with your requirements, all you have to do is email your request to



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